Everything And Nothing by Nilotpal Kumar Dutta - Book Review

Everything And Nothing

Author: Nilotpal Kumar Dutta

Publisher: Tara India Research Press

Genre: Historical Fiction

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars


You feel the brunt of a situation when you and your closed ones are, in reality, going through it. That's what precisely happened to Damyanti, our protagonist, from Everything and Nothing. The politics for separatism were embedded by the British for increasing division amongst the Hindus and Muslims to control India peacefully. 'Divide and Rule' said the Outsiders, and politicians seem to live by it even now.

Author Nilotpal has splendidly scripted the novel, including all the circumstances and situations that we had only faintly learned in our history lessons. How hard it must have been for the people who had to, in effect, endure it. I have rarely come across a separation narrative that of India and East Bengal. Kudos to the author for doing a noteworthy study on the topic; representation of the same chronologically is excellent.

The tale kept me hooked immediately from the start. The shift from past to present story-telling is very smooth. The first couple of episodes are very crucial as they include a lot of characters, and each has an active role in the following sections. I noticed that the structural arrangements in some parts of the story are a little confusing, but then I got the overall essence in the course of reading.

There were several heart-rending pieces when I had tears in my eyes. This novel takes you on a roller-coaster ride of your sentiments, where you surely wish and long for the exact feelings that Damyanti pleads during her journey. The title aptly befits the storyline, but I felt that the cover could have been a little pleasanter. The author touched me with the book, and I want to suggest this book to everyone.

The image of India's & Bangladesh's past, the hard facts of Indian politics devised for self-gain, the communal conflicts, which is accurate even in today's situation, is a profound piece by Nilotpal Dutta. History fiction fans are unquestionably in for entertainment, holding this book!


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